Costumes, often referred to as fancy dress, are unique outfits used to portray a specific character, style, or persona different from an individual’s regular identity. The distinctive style of a costume can represent the traditional dress of a particular people, a social class, or historical period. Costumes are widely used in various social contexts like masquerades and fancy dress parties, allowing wearers to assume a different character or role for the event’s duration.

In theatrical performances, costumes are an essential component of character creation and storytelling. They serve to visually express a character’s personality, societal status, profession, or era, thereby enhancing the audience’s understanding of the character and the storyline. In essence, costumes are a form of non-verbal communication, offering visual cues to unravel a character’s identity or the context of an event. Whether for celebratory, theatrical, or symbolic purposes, costumes add richness and depth to social and cultural expressions.