Corporate Event Catering

Whether you are a new start up or on your way to the “Fortune Five Hundred” we will provide a seemless service for your business and your clients.

Utah’s Favorite Corporate Event Caterer

At Brown Brothers Catering we love creating memorable experiences for our corporate clients. We specialize in creating unique menus to satisfy everyone’s palate. Our team can handle more than just catering for your event, including finding the right location and venue, facilitating rentals, and any other coordination you need to make sure things run smoothly. Our corporate clients routinely lean on us to help plan and execute events that will create lasting memories for everyone involved.

Our experienced event professionals make every detail right, whether you have 50 or 5,000 guests.

Benefits of Using a Full-Service Corporate Event Caterer

Hiring a full-service event caterer is the smart approach to planning a large event for your company. Organizing a large corporate meeting, party, training event, or other major function is a challenging undertaking with many moving parts. Delegating food service to professional corporate caterers is the most efficient way to manage what is arguably the most complex set of coordinated tasks for your event.

Assigning it to your trusted corporate caterer removes a naturally very stressful large part of the work from your list. That leaves you free to focus on the aspects of the event that directly serve your company’s mission and primary objective in hosting the event.

With a phone call, you can bring in exceptionally skilled, ideally organized and equipped, reliable corporate caterers who efficiently manage all these responsibilities for you:

Venue Selection Searching for the best location for your event can be a time-consuming and frustrating challenge. You can leave the task of venue scouting to your full-service corporate event caterer.
Menu Selection As professional corporate event caterers, we can help you smoothly design the ideal menu that is appropriate for your event and that will delight all of your guests – including people on special diets.
Management ofEvent Details A full-service event catering company manages virtually any special event preparations for you with top efficiency, including renting tables, chairs, other equipment, decorations, entertainment, etc.
Design ofEvent Setup Creating just the right setup of tables and the entire venue for the ideal ambiance, convenience, practicality, and safety with optimum efficiency is easy with a well-experienced corporate catering team.
Post-EventCleanup Clean up, break down, and transport all of the equipment is managed by your dedicated corporate catering company, so your professionals can remain fully engaged in their primary roles.

Award-Winning Professional Service

Working with full-scope corporate catering services takes all the performance risk out of managing your corporate special events and delivers excellent value for your business. Releasing yourself from the wide range of highly detailed tasks in event planning frees you to spend your own time and skills on engaging with your attendees. The best corporate events provide great service for hosts and attendees. The way to ensure that level of service quality is to leave it to top-quality event catering professionals.

Top-Notch Corporate Event Catering in Provo & Salt Lake City

For the Best Corporate Catering – Brown Brothers

Our award-winning catering service offers custom menus with a truly spectacular variety of culinary options. Whether your event will be a breakfast or lunch meeting, dinner event, company party, commercial exhibition, or other special occasions, you can make the very most of it for your business with top-quality professional catering. We can accommodate any size of corporate event and offer a guest experience that will impress and engage your attendees.

We serve the Provo, Orem, Salt Lake City, and greater Utah region.

For more information about full-service catering for corporate events, call Brown Brothers Catering at (801) 607-1891!