Is DIY Catering a Good Idea for Your Wedding?

DIY catering – also known as self-catering – is a popular topic in bridal and wedding forums, as couples look for ways to stretch their budget.

Is DIY Catering a Good Idea for Your Wedding?

Although you might think this is a great way to save money, it’s important that you understand all the factors involved before making this decision. Once you take an earnest look at all the cost and time requirements – not to mention the risks – you may want to reconsider the do-it-yourself wedding catering idea.

What Is DIY Wedding Catering?

Essentially, a self-catered wedding is exactly what it sounds like – the bride, groom, families and friends handle every aspect of the food.

This typically includes all of the following tasks:

  • Planning the menu
  • Purchasing ingredients
  • Preparing the dishes
  • Transporting
  • Setting up
  • Serving
  • Tearing down
  • Cleaning up

Some couples even take things a step further, including the wedding cake in their DIY catering efforts.

Factors to Consider when Self-Catering a Wedding

Self-catering involves more than just preparing food – much more.

You’ll have to purchase and provide all the service items necessary for your guests to eat. This includes various sized plates, napkins, cups and flatware. You’ll also need the supplies for setting up the food, such as chafing dishes, serving bowls and plates, tongs, serving spoons and display stands.

Don’t forget serving tables, tablecloths, décor and – here’s a big one – people to staff the serving tables, replenish food and clean up spills and messes. Someone will also have to handle teardown and cleanup, along with disposing of or packing up the leftovers.

Where will the food be prepared and stored? Do you and your family and friends have the food safety knowledge necessary to ensure no one gets food poisoning? Do you have a way to transport the food to your reception venue while keeping it within a safe temperature range?

Should You Try DIY Wedding Catering?

Before you decide to try catering your own wedding, ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you really want to be spending time messing with and worrying about your food the week (and day) of your wedding?
  • Do you really want to put that pressure on your friends and family?
  • Are you willing to take a chance that you can successfully make that much food?
  • Are you willing to risk giving your guests food poisoning?
  • Do you know exactly how much it will cost you cater your own wedding?

Before making a final decision, talk to a Utah catering company that specializes in weddings and receptions. Find out what items the caterer includes in their price, and ask what services are included.

You might be surprised to learn how little you’ll actually save by trying to do it all yourself. When you factor in the time and risk involved, you could even end up ahead.

Brown Brothers Catering provides an exceptional catering experience to couples throughout northern Utah, taking the stress and pressure out of their special day. Before you decide to try DIY catering for your wedding, contact our Provo office today to request a price quote and learn more about our services.