Catering Tasting Etiquette: Remember These Important Tips

The catering tasting is an important aspect of planning a reception or large event – and one of the more enjoyable aspects of the planning process.

If you haven’t attended a tasting before, you may not know what to expect. Although every catering company has slightly different tasting policies, it’s customary to observe some basic rules of etiquette. These tips will also help ensure that you get the most out of your sampling experience, so you can make your final menu selections more easily.

Catering Tasting Etiquette Remember These Important Tips

Limit the Number in Your Catering Tasting Party

Don’t try to take too many people with you to your tasting appointment. This is more for your benefit than anything, but it’s also the polite thing to do for your caterer.

If you’re tasting in advance of your wedding reception, for example, the ideal party might include the happy couple, your wedding planner (if you have one) and one or two friends or family members whose opinions you trust.

If your or your fiancé’s parents or family members are footing the bill, you should probably also invite them along to make sure they are on board with your choices.

Don’t Try to Sample Too Many Dishes at Your Catering Tasting

This can be a challenge, especially if the caterer has an extensive menu, every item of which sounds delicious.

Some companies limit the number of items you can try during your catering tasting. Others allow you to sample only those items they choose to present. Either way, you can easily become confused and overwhelmed if you try to sample everything under the sun. Limiting the number of dishes you try will better allow you to make good decisions that you’ll be comfortable with.

Do take photos of each item and make notes about the flavor, texture, presentation, etc. This will give you a handy reference when you need to revisit the experience.

Plan Your Catering Tasting Well in Advance (& Be Flexible)

Catering companies have to schedule tastings around their schedule of events. This may mean that you have to be amenable to a weekday tasting. Some caterers will allow you to drop by one of their events but, in that case, you may not get to ask questions or choose any items to taste.

Some catering companies hold periodic tasting events and invite potential clients to attend. This is an ideal scenario because the staff won’t be busy trying to make someone else’s event a success, so you will have the opportunity to interact, ask questions and chat leisurely with your group and other attendees.

In the Salt Lake City area, Brown Brothers Catering tried to offer our clients and potential clients the greatest flexibility possible for their tasting experience. We regularly host tasting events at some of northern Utah’s most sought-after reception venues, so you can see our work in action. Although you must RSVP to attend, we never charge our potential clients for these events. Contact us today to find out where and when our next catering tasting event will be held, and to put your name on the list to attend.