Corporate Event Catering for Conferences

For business conferences, corporate event catering can mean the difference between a memorable, successful experience and a mediocre one for your attendees.

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No matter the topic of your event, conference attendees come expecting to learn, network or to achieve some specific business goal. But they also arrive expecting a comfortable and rewarding experience – and that usually involves food.

By using an experienced corporate event catering service, you can help to improve the success of your event and the satisfaction of your guests.

What Do Corporate Event Catering Companies Provide?

Ideally, your corporate catering service will provide great food and exceptional service – after all, that’s what you pay for when you hire them.

They will also provide all the plates, napkins and flatware your guests will need to enjoy the food, as well as setup, service, bussing, teardown and cleanup. This allows you, as the event host or coordinator, to worry about other pressing matters, rather than fussing over chafing dishes or ordering service items.

But, more important, your caterer should provide a memorable experience for your conference attendees. Whether that involves meeting a special request, handling an unusual dietary need or making a guest feel special – or all of the above – a great corporate catering company will help ensure the success of your conference.

What Type of Corporate Catering Does Your Conference Require?

To determine the type of food you want to offer your attendees, start by looking at your schedule. For a single-day conference, you may only need to offer a continental breakfast buffet and serve lunch. But, if the event will last for two or more days, you may also have to provide a reception or dinner service in the evening.

If your event kicks off with a cocktail reception, you might consider having passed appetizers or charcuterie stations. If the conference culminates with a dinner event, consider adding chef-action stations, like street tacos or flaming crepes or donuts.

To help make your choices easier, share your event schedule with your corporate event catering consultant and ask them to make recommendations that fit your goals and your budget. And be sure to check out our blog post with tips for making business catering affordable.

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Look for Value-Added Corporate Caterers

Many corporate catering companies limit their service offerings to just food. But others – like Brown Brothers Catering – will go the extra mile to help make life easier for their corporate clients.

For example, Brown Brothers can help you find a great venue for your conference and coordinate key details such as table and chair rentals, linens, centerpieces or whatever you need to make your event a success.

We have discovered over the years that, although our award-winning food and reasonable prices are impressive on their own, going the extra mile for our clients further sets us apart from the competition.

If you’re planning a corporate event or conference in Salt Lake City, Provo or any of the surrounding communities in Northern Utah, Brown Brothers Catering has earned a reputation for exceptional food and customer service, making us the go-to corporate event caterers in Northern Utah.

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