Tips for Making Business Catering Affordable

Business catering doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, you can virtually any company function professionally catered for little more than it would cost you to make the food yourself or pick something up from the store.

The advantages of having a professional caterer handle your food are compelling, saving you time, hassle and money. Your caterer will deliver your food, set up, provide all the necessary service items and clean up when you’re done.

This ensures that you always come across looking like a highly professional organization that cares enough to service your staff and visitors flavorful, well-prepared food. And, when you follow our simple and effective tips, you can keep your catering costs to a minimum.

Affordable business catering

Choose Cost-Effective Menu Options

Your catering costs ultimately depend on the cost of ingredients and the time and effort the caterer has to invest in preparation. Some dishes and types of cuisine are less expensive to prepare – and that helps reduce your cost.

Italian-themed menus are often some of the least expensive options, yet your guests will enjoy these dishes as much (or more) than any other type of food. Stick with simple pasta dishes or ask your caterer to recommend the most cost-effective options.

Opt for Buffet-Style Service

In most cases, serving your business event attendees a buffet-style spread will help keep your costs low. When your catering company can bring in pans of food and set them up on a buffet line, guests serve themselves when they’re ready. This minimizes the staff necessary to handle your event. It also allows your guests to take only the foods and serving sizes they want.

Order Only What You Need

When preparing for a business catering event, corporate clients tend to order more food than they need. The reason for over-ordering is understandable – you never want to be caught short on food – but it’s not necessary in most cases.

Talk to your business caterer about quantities, based on the number of attendees you’ll have at your event. Catering companies are experts at determining the appropriate quantity of food and you can trust them to ensure you’ll have plenty to keep everyone well-fed.

Ask Your Business Caterer for Budget-Friendly Tips

Don’t hesitate to talk to your caterer and explain that you’re working with a limited budget. They can give you recommendations for high-impact, low-cost menus and strategies that can help you save money.

This is especially true when you work with a local corporate catering expert like Brown Brothers. We know exactly how to make you look good with your business catering. We specialize in making your events as stress-free as possible, handling every aspect of your event. Our business catering company is located in Provo, but we assist customers throughout the Salt Lake City area and northern Utah.

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