Event Catering for Parties, Meetings & Gatherings

Event catering isn’t just for wedding receptions and special occasions. In fact, any time you need to feed a group – large or small – your caterer can help you create a menu to match the occasion and your budget.

Here are three occasions where a local catering company can help relieve the pressure of feeding your guests or attendees.

event catering

Social Event Catering

Are you planning a dinner party or another type of social event? If so, you’re probably already stressing about planning a menu, shopping and preparing the food. And, once our guests arrive, you’ll spend all your time trying to get the food ready – rather than enjoying yourself and your guests.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the food brought to your home or event venue, hot and ready to go?

With event catering, you won’t have to worry about any planning or prep. And, once your guests arrive, you can relax and enjoy your party. You can even coordinate with your caterer to have everything in place before anyone arrives, so your guests never have to know you didn’t spend the day slaving over a hot stove.

Business Meeting Event Catering

If you’re planning an all-staff meeting, corporate retreat, annual sales conference or even just a brainstorming session, consider using event catering to help make your meeting a success.

How often have you agonized over where to order food? And then, when your attention should be focused on the topic at hand, you have to scramble to send someone to pay for and pick up the food.

Next time, call on your local event caterer. The catering staff will come in, set up the food and provide all the utensils. At the appointed time, they’ll come back and clean up, so you never have to worry about a thing.

And the best part is that your caterer can work with you to ensure that the cost isn’t significantly different than you might otherwise spend ordering out.

Special Event Catering

If you’re having a fundraiser, HOA meeting, family reunion or gameday get-together, even catering can take all the hassle out of feeding your guests or attendees.

Whether you need to feed one dozen or one hundred people, your caterer can help you develop the perfect menu to fit your needs. You can choose from buffet-style, family style or plated service. You can choose anything from munchie-type food to a heartier, full meal. The event caterer will bring all the food, set up and provide everything you need, leaving you free to focus on your event.

Your caterer can work with you to develop the perfect menu that will leave everyone full and happy – all at a cost that is practical and affordable.

In Utah, Brown Brothers Catering is your locally owned, family-operated expert for parties, receptions and events of all types. Contact us today to learn more about how event catering can help make your occasion a success – whatever it may be.