Catering Theme Ideas for Every Generation

Incorporating a catering theme into your event is a great way to kick the fun up a notch. Coming up with a good idea, however, isn’t always easy.

To make the party memorable for your guests, try matching up their generation with a unique catering theme. From Gen Zers to Baby Boomers, every generation has different tastes, wants and needs – keep those in mind, and you can customize your catering menu to better suit their preferences.

Catering Themes for Gen Zers

The members of Generation Z, which includes anyone born later than the mid-1990’s, like to get exactly what they want. Gen Zers are also heavily into social media – they really don’t remember life without the internet.

If you’re planning an event for Gen Zers, consider one of these theme ideas:

  • Cooking live: Design the catered event around Chef Action Stations, giving guests the perfect backdrop for photos and videos.

  • Fast food party: Create a heathy, gourmet catering menu that mimics fast food and is served up in a similar style.

Catering Themes for Millennials

Millennials, or people born between the late-1970’s and the mid-1990’s, are ambitious and tech-savvy. They love being praised for their accomplishments, yet they place a high value on balancing work with fun.

If your event is for Millennials, one of these themes is sure to be a hit:

  • Play ball: Choose an event catering menu with upscale ballpark offerings, and plug up some interactive sports games to foster competition.

  • Pajama party breakfast: Go with a catering options based on the much-loved morning meal, and ask everyone to wear their sleep gear.

Catering Themes for Gen Xers

The individuals born during the Generation X years, or between the mid-1960’s to the late-1970’s, embrace diversity and culture. Gen Xers like options, and they prefer making their own decisions whenever possible.

For an exceptional event for Gen Xers, try one of these themes:

  • Around-the-world party: Customize the event catering to showcase cuisines from a range of regions around the globe, and decorate to match.

  • A grand buffet: Go with a buffet-style catering menu, and pack in as many choices and customizations as possible.

Catering Themes for Baby Boomers

Baby boomers, born earlier than the mid-1960’s, are competitive and driven, yet they also genuinely want to make a difference in the world. This generation also values the community as well as family and life history.

To plan a party for Baby Boomers, choose one of these themes:

  • Go retro: Plan the event catering to pay tribute to comfort foods, with retro-inspired options.

  • Give back: Create a heartwarming catering menu, with delicious food that accompanies a raffle benefitting a local charity.

Need more theme ideas? After more than a decade serving northern Utah clients, the professionals at Brown Brothers Catering understand how to plan a fun-filled, memorable event and can offers suggestions for a theme that makes your party the talk of the Salt Lake City area.

With Brown Brothers Catering, you’ll have no trouble pleasing all of your guests, regardless of their generation. For delicious, high-quality food and service that fits your northern Utah event catering theme, contact us online or call our Provo office today.