This Easter, Catering Can Make Your Holiday Meal Worry-Free 

Have you ever considered Easter catering for your holiday celebration?

easter catering can make your holiday meal worry free

If you’re the one who usually handles the preparation, serving and cleanup for your Easter brunch, lunch or dinner, you know how expensive and time-consuming this endeavor can be.

When you let a catering company handle this task for you, you’ll enjoy a relaxing day spent with friend and family, celebrating the true spirit of the holiday instead of sweating over a hot stove and washing an endless pile of dirty dishes.

Why Catering for Easter Is Better than Cooking

If you’re planning to host an Easter celebration for family and friends, you can expect to spend hours planning the menu and shopping for ingredients. Then, after you’ve braved the crowds at the grocery store, butcher, bakery and wherever else you shop, you will be subjected to many more hours of chopping, prepping and cooking the food.

The day of your party, you will spend the bulk of your time in the kitchen, preparing and serving the food for your guests – rather than spending quality time with your friends and loved ones.

And, of course, you know what comes next: Cleanup. How much time will you spend washing dishes, glassware, serving items and pots and pans?

When you opt for Easter catering, you won’t have to worry about any of these tasks. Your caterer will deliver your meal, hot and fresh, and handle all the set-up. They will provide the plates and flatware, so you don’t even have to break out the good china. And, perhaps the best part, the catering company will handle all the cleanup for you – and even leave you with the leftovers!

As for cost, you might be surprised how comparable the price is for having your party catered, as compared to what you invest when you make the meal yourself.

Easter Catering Menu Ideas

Traditionally, families choose either ham or lamb for their Easter catering menu. However, when you use a caterer, you can choose whatever menu options you prefer.

Chicken, roast beef and fish are popular but you don’t have to stick with a traditional menu. You could choose to do a brunch buffet, cold lunch buffet with sandwich stations, or a formal, plated dinner with full service.

For dessert, add a chocolate fountain or sundae bar to delight your guests, young and old.

Choosing a Catering Company for Your Easter Celebration

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We also specialize in receptions, corporate catering and weddings. Whatever your needs, contact Brown Brothers today for a custom quote. Call us today to learn more about how Easter catering can make your holiday celebration a relaxing, delectable success.