Caterers Offer Insider Tips for the Perfect Holiday Celebration

Caterers earn a living helping their customers plan and execute perfect holiday parties that look and feel as elegant as they do effortless.

Caterers Offer Insider Tips

Caterers make it look so easy because they have lots of practice. Professional caterers have also developed strategic shortcuts to perfect their craft. Today, the Utah catering experts from Brown Brothers Catering are going to share some of those insider tips, to help you host the perfect, budget-friendly holiday celebration.

Serve Only Single-Bite or Finger Foods

You will save time and money – and drastically reduce your cleanup tasks – if you avoid any food choices that require plates or utensils.

Caterers know that you can put out an impressive spread using finger foods and one- or two-bite items on picks and skewers. Think beet-dyed deviled eggs, arancini and cucumber slices with smoked salmon and crème fraiche. You can even make a mini caprese salad on a skewer for a vibrant, holiday-colored bite.

You can set up a food station with trays of each item or place an assortment in multiple convenient locations throughout the space. This approach will reduce your need for holiday decorations.

Or, if your party has a more formal theme, you can have trays of passed appetizers. You can get away with less food when you take this approach. Caterers recommend having approximately eight to ten items per person.

Choose Food Items You Can Make Ahead

Nothing’s worse than trying to perfect the final touches and get ready for your party – while you’re cooking hot food. Choose menu items that you can make ahead and simply set out at party time.

Caterers use this trick to their advantage because, otherwise, becomes much more expensive and labor-intensive to prepare for an event.

This doesn’t mean that all of your food items have to be cold, however. If you want to serve hot items, you can use warming trays, chafing dishes or even your slow cooker.

Pre-Plan Your Holiday Party Cleanup

Caterers have mastered the quick and easy cleanup.

You’ll need one large or two small trashcans for every eight guests. If you don’t have enough, you can purchase recyclable cardboard receptacles that hold standard size garbage bags. Prior to the party, put six garbage bags in each can, one on top of the next.

Outside, in the garage or in another handy spot, position one or two large trash bins receptacles.

Every 30 minutes or so, circulate around and pull the top bag, leaving the rest in place. Once you’ve hit every small trashcan, take the bags out to the large receptacles and drop them in.

This way you’ll never have an overflowing receptacle or over-filled bag to worry about.

Keep in mind, as you think toward your holiday celebration, that you don’t have to tackle your party alone. Brown Brothers Catering, serving Provo UT and the surrounding areas, can help make your party or event a smooth and tasty success. Contact us today for a budget-friendly quote from Northern Utah’s favorite locally owned and operated caterers.