Using a Reception Center for Your Reception or Corporate Event 

A reception center can provide an affordable and functional venue for any gathering or event.

reception or corporate event

Often, planners of corporate events, wedding receptions and family gatherings attempt to hold their functions at a private location, such as a home or office facility. This can pose a variety of logistical problems, however, and leave a nightmare cleanup in the event’s wake.

Many catering companies offer an attractive alternative: holding your event at the caterer’s reception center.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Reception Center?

When a catering company offers the alternative of holding your event at their reception venue, you stand to benefit in a number of important ways.

Using a caterer’s banquet hall is highly cost-effective, and saves you the time, hassle and expense of locating and renting a venue. When your catering company has an established relationship with a banquet hall venue, you will reap the logistical and financial benefits of this arrangement.

Because the chefs and catering staff are familiar with the venue, your event will go off without a hitch.

Using a reception venue is even more appropriate when compared to hosting an event at your home or office. You will have to rent tables, chairs, linens and other items to accommodate your guests in a private setting. At a reception venue, these items will typically be included and at your disposal.

Is Your Event Right for a Utah Banquet Hall?

If you’re planning an event in Northern Utah, consider holding it at a local reception center or banquet hall.

Don’t worry that you need to host hundreds of guests to make a banquet hall event as special as it is affordable. An experienced catering company can create an intimate environment for small groups just as well as they can stage a large, formal reception or event.

If you’re planning a family reunion, birthday party, dance, anniversary celebration, business meeting or another type of event, the chances are it’s perfect for holding at a banquet or reception venue. To know for sure, talk to your local catering expert.

Brown Brothers Catering Offers Provo Reception Center & Banquet Hall

In Provo, Brown Brothers Catering offers use of the Manderley Reception Center. Located near the Provo River, this stunning facility has a banquet hall, atrium, ballroom and a buffet area. We can configure this venue for any size gathering, from a working business luncheon to a large wedding ceremony and reception.

We can also provide reception and banquet venue arrangements in Park City and other locations throughout Utah County and Salt Lake County.

The Brown Brothers team specializes in freshly prepared, high-quality food. Whether you prefer a plated meal served to your guests, a themed buffet or live-action chefs’ stations, we can create the perfect experience for your guests. Contact us today to learn more about our Utah reception center and banquet hall options.