Wedding Reception Catering Trends: Chef Action Stations

On the wedding reception catering scene, chef action stations are one of the hottest trends to hit in the past decade.

Elegant plated dinners and casual buffets still have their place, but today’s party guests want a little excitement with their meal – and chef-attended food stations never disappoint.

wedding reception catering trends

Why Chef Action Stations Are Ideal for a Wedding Reception

Incorporating chef-attended food stations into your wedding reception catering package can create a better experience for your guests. They’re a popular choice, as they offer several benefits:

  • Interaction with the chefs – Guests are entertained as they watch the chefs and can also chat with the chef about the food as its being prepared.
  • Flexible eating time – Not every guest is ready to eat as soon as they get to the reception. With food stations, guests can decide when to have their meal.
  • Made-to-order meals – Guests have input over the composition of the dish and can have their food exactly the way they like it.
  • Facilitate mingling – Guests move around and mingle more, which makes the reception more fun.

Popular Wedding Reception Chef-Attended Action Stations

For catered receptions, chef-attended food stations can provide for a wide range of tastes. Some of the more popular selections include:

  • Street tacos featuring chicken, pork, beef and/or fish along with a variety of toppings
  • Baked potato bar offering fun add-ons like bacon, cheese, chili and onions
  • Flambéed crepes filled with custards, fresh berries and whipped cream
  • Carved beef sandwich bar, with assorted breads, toppings and au jus for dipping

Customized Action Stations to Fit Any Catered Reception

If you have another idea for a chef-attended food station, professional caterers can usually provide exactly what you would like. Chefs can create just about any type of food station, featuring cuisine from anywhere in the world.

For inspiration, consider the following uniquely fun stations that offer interesting, not-often-eaten foods:

  • Mexican street corn
  • Jerk pork tenderloin
  • Beef bourguignon
  • Vietnamese pho
  • New England lobster rolls
  • Hand-rolled sushi
  • German pork schnitzel


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